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Miele DO 7860 Obsidian Black 60cm Built In Oven

MieleSKU: DO7860 GB OBSW 230/50
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Dialog oven - from designer-level kitchen to star rated kitchen.
  • Innovative cooking every day in your own home thanks to M Chef
  • Improved results in terms of texture and uniformity
  • Demanding dishes made easy with Gourmet Assistant and Gourmet Pro
  • Multi-stage cooking with M Chef Menu
  • Time savings of up to 70 % combined with excellent quality

What’s included

  • Baking tray with PerfectClean (1)
  • Universal tray with PerfectClean (1)
  • Baking and roasting rack PyroFit (1)
  • Descaling tablets (2)


The only thing that gets hot is the food

Miele Dialog ovens are cooled on all sides. This ensures that controls, handles and adjacent cabinets stay relatively cool to the touch. The special design insulates the Dialog oven door effectively and ensures a low temperature on the outside of the door, providing safety and protection against burns.

Convenient time settings

Networking provides added convenience: you only have to set the time on one of your Miele appliances – all of the others will be updated automatically. 

    Reduce cooking odours

    Protect your furniture, walls and curtains: the AirClean catalyser significantly reduces grease and unpleasant cooking odours – for a pleasant atmosphere in your home. 

    Control and monitor things on the go

    Anytime, anywhere: transfer data on the go or monitor/stop a cooking process using your smartphone.

    Configure your appliance to suit you

    Suits you: you can individually configure the language, buzzers and display brightness.

    Leave time management to the Dialog oven

    Always on time: programme the start time, finish time and duration of the cooking process or the minute minder.

    Cleverly networked

    Make your life smart: thanks to Miele@home, you can cleverly network your domestic appliances – for more options.

    Outstanding illumination

    A perfect view of your food: two LED light tubes illuminate your oven compartment evenly.

    Intelligent energy management

    You benefit from environmentally friendly residual heat utilisation, which ensures intelligent energy management.

    The latest innovation in cooking

    Cook like no one has done before: the revolutionary M Chef technology cooks the entire volume of the food from the outset to ensure that it is heated evenly. This is done by supplying energy in the form of Gourmet units. At the same time, the cooking process is monitored and adjusted constantly. This allows you to prepare dishes that wouldn't have been possible before. You can also just use the conventional functions if necessary. 

    Customised cooking

    Cook your food just the way you like it: the Gourmet Pro programme allows you to set all of the parameters individually. The Miele Dialog oven will prepare everything in line with your precise specifications. 

    Expert advice

    Optional assistance: the Gourmet Assistant is a virtual expert that offers you advice while you are cooking. Based on the nature and weight of your food, the Gourmet Assistant will suggest the appropriate intensity, function, temperature and number of Gourmet units. This offers you unparalleled convenience: simply confirm the settings to enjoy perfectly prepared meals.

    Unique and unbeatable

    Conjure up a menu comprising multiple courses with ease: the Dialog oven can cook complicated dishes from a variety of ingredients at the same time – with every component cooked to perfection. This innovation is more than a match for any challenge. And it guarantees top-quality results in next to no time.

    Perfect defrosting

    With the Miele Dialog oven, you can defrost food at short notice so there is no need to plan ahead: food is defrosted quickly, gently and evenly, with no parts staying frozen or starting to cook. This allows you to defrost frozen cakes, bread or meat in no time at all – should you receive spontaneous visitors, for example. The quality of the food is preserved and the texture and appearance are unaffected.

    Added moisture

    The M Chef cooking method can also be combined with Moisture plus. The injection of moisture ensures perfect results when baking and roasting. Meat is tender and succulent throughout, bread forms a delicious crust on the outside and bread rolls are soft yet perfectly browned. For added convenience, the bursts of steam for the Moisture plus function can be programmed in advance. 

    Perfectly cooked without supervision

    For perfectly cooked meat or fish: the food probe will tell you when the required temperature is reached.

    Tailored to specific requirements

    Making the extraordinary easy: special programmes such as gentle defrosting produce outstanding results.

    Maximum safety in any situation

    An added level of safety: you can lock the appliance at the press of a button – preventing unintentional operation, e.g. by children. In an emergency, the safety switch-off is invaluable: the Miele Dialog oven will switch off automatically if the maximum operating time is exceeded. This means that safety is guaranteed even if you forget to switch the Dialog oven off. 


    Oven compartment volume in l 50 
    No. of shelf levels 4
    Oven light BrilliantLight
    Electronic temperature regulation min. in °C 30
    Electronic temperature regulation max. in °C 300
    Niche width min. in mm 560
    560-568 x 590-595 x 550
    Niche width max. in mm 568
    Niche height min. in mm 590
    Niche height max. in mm 595
    Niche depth in mm 550
    Appliance width in mm 595
    Appliance height in mm 596
    Appliance depth in mm 568
    Weight in kg 60.80
    Total rated load in kW 3.70
    Voltage in V 220-240
    Frequency in Hz 50
    Number of phases 1
    Fuse rating in A 16
    Mains cable
    Length of supply lead in m 2.00
    Replacing lamps Customer Service

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