Miele KFN 7734 D Built In Fridge Freezer

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Built-in fridge-freezer combination DynaCool, convenient LED lighting and NoFrost for optimum storage.
  • Spacious drawer with moisture control – DailyFresh
  • Optimum and maintenance-free LED lighting in compartment
  • No icing up of food and no need to defrost thanks to NoFrost
  • Uniform temperature distribution inside the appliance – DynaCool
  • Dishwasher-proof door shelves – ComfortClean 

What’s included

  • Egg tray
  • Ice cube tray


Cleverly networked

With our innovative Miele@home system, you can exploit the full potential of your Miele appliances and make your everyday life even smarter. All intelligent Miele domestic appliances can be networked conveniently and securely. Operation is simple – whether you use the Miele app, voice control or integration into existing Smart Home solutions. The appliances are networked via a home WiFi router and the Miele Cloud.

Pleasant atmosphere 

The indirect lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere and emphasises the high-quality materials. The LED lights are maintenance-free and create the perfect illumination in the interior. Compared with standard light bulbs, LED lighting is particularly energy-efficient and offers the benefit of a considerably longer service life.

Defrosting is a thing of the past 

With the NoFrost system you never have to defrost your Miele refrigeration appliance again. Circulation cooling ensures that cold, dry air is evenly distributed in the interior, preventing ice formation. This means no ice deposits on your frozen food, and allows drawers to be opened and closed easily without layers of ice interfering with them. NoFrost offers maximum convenience for freezing food and saves the hassle of defrosting – forever.

Ideal storage conditions for food and wine 

DynaCool ensures uniform temperature distribution inside the entire refrigerator section. So it no longer matters which level you store which type of food on, as the conditions are the same throughout. With DynaCool, the conditions that are familiar from conventional refrigerators – warmer at the top, cooler at the bottom – are finally a thing of the past.

Dishwasher-safe door shelves

Miele ComfortClean door shelves are made from high-quality plastic and are scratch-proof, resistant to chemicals, temperature-resistant and highly transparent. After removing the trims, the ComfortClean door shelves can be washed conveniently and hygienically in a dishwasher (up to 55 °C). This means you no longer need to manually wipe the shelves clean.

Convenient food storage

More volume: Miele refrigeration appliances with ComfortSize provide ample space to store your food. The larger depth means that you can easily slide in a baking tray above the PerfectFresh Pro or PerfectFresh Active compartment. This leaves room to accommodate even bulky items with ease.

Improved freshness for fruit and vegetables 

The spacious drawers in the fridge offer space for a lot of fresh food. An optimum level of moisture is kept within the drawer. This results in fruit and vegetables staying fresh for up to 2 times longer. Selected models have an ExtraCool drawer in which the temperature is lower than in the rest of the refrigerator, making it the ideal place to store meat, fish and dairy products.


Built-in appliance
Integrated appliance
Door hinge right
Convertible door hinging



Refrigeration section lighting LED 



Networking with Miele@home • 
Freshness system DailyFresh
Freshness system DailyFresh 
ComfortClean • 
DynaCool • 
NoFrost • 
DuplexCool • 
ComfortSize • 
VarioRoom • 
SoftClose, can be retrofitted



Operating concept SensorTouch
Fridge compartment can be switched off Yes
Independent temperature regulation of fridge and freezer zones
Automatic SuperCool
No. of temperature zones 2
Sabbath mode • 
Party mode • 
Holiday mode • 



No. of shelves 5
No. of crisper drawers 1
Number of inner door racks for tinned food 2
Door rack for bottles 1



Number of freezer drawers 3



Energy efficiency class (A–G) D
Annual energy consumption in kWh 181.40
Energy consumption in 24 h in kWh 0.50



Lock function
Acoustic door alarm
Acoustic temperature alarm
Acoustic temperature alarm
Optical door alarm
Optical temperature alarm
Power cut indication for freezer section



Niche width in mm min. 560
Niche width in mm max. 570
Niche height in mm min. 1772
Niche height in mm max. 1788
Niche depth in mm 550
Appliance width in mm 559
Appliance height in mm 1770
Appliance depth in mm 546
Weight in kg 61.50
Door hinge technology Fixed door
Max. door front weight – refrigerator, in kg 18
Max. door front weight – freezer, in kg 12
Climate class SN-T
Refrigerator compartment in l 183
4* freezer compartment in l 70
Total usable capacity in l 253
Storage time in case of fault in h 9
Freezer capacity in kg/24 h 6.00
Noise class (A–D) B
Sound power in dB(A) re 1 pW 34
Current consumption (mA) 1400
Voltage in V 220-240
Fuse rating in A 13
Number of phases 1
Frequency in Hz 50
Length of supply lead in m 2.20



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