Cooker hoods have not only become more stylish over the past few years, the technology has significantly improved. 

They’re much more sleek, modern and attractive, with manufacturers like AirForce creating designs that can enhance all kinds of interior design schemes. 

Whether you’re after a minimalist or contemporary, Devine Distribution provides a panoply of designs. 

You’ll also find there’s more sizes than ever available, making it easier to find a cooker hood that suits your layout and cooking set-up. There are more options for installation, including wall-mounted, island-mounted, and integrated designs.

Modern cooker hoods have extraction systems which ventilate much more efficiently, removing smoke, grease and odours with greater ease. Better yet, they’re less noisy. Manufacturers are using quieter motors, improved fan designs and sound-dampening materials.

Our stylish cooker hoods can make your kitchen more energy efficient. 

We have many models which feature energy-saving features such as LED lighting and variable fan speeds to minimise power consumption. In addition to making a kitchen more energy efficient, LED lights can provide much better illumination.

Some of our cooker hoods come with smart features, making it simpler to adjust fan speeds, timers, and even automatic sensors that adjust the fan speed based on cooking activity.

Manufacturers like AirForce have also designed cooker hoods that are easier to clean and maintain. Removable and dishwasher-safe filters, as well as smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe down, are now standard features in many models.

Check out our latest stylish cooker hoods or drop us a line for more information.