Airforce at Euroforum 23 Oct 2010

Throughout the month of October, the company from Fabriano had a leading role with its own stand at the Euroforum in France. 
Airforce stoods out among other things because of the presentation of the new range Ambiente with the models F85 and F77 models, an important step towards ecology and energy saving.

The new Ambiente range has established itself on the market thanks to the elegant design, the new technology with LED lighting and the environmental preservation through the exclusive use of recyclable materials. It is also showing the company’s strong will to save energy, in this case over 80% compared to traditional lamps and the packaging has been studied to reduce the environmental impact of the transport costs.

The environment is always present in the industrial policy of the brand from Fabriano, indicating a balance between satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the possibilities for the future.

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