Airforce is strengthening its image within communication 23 Sep 2010

Airforce is strengthening its image within communication, appointed to this important function, a special office, to report directly, exploiting the potential of the network.

Most important will be the web site which will be the new vehicle, where Airforce intends to launch its new products, advertising and significant news releases.
In addition, the site will host a part dedicated to the Made in Fabriano, in order to explore the production area where the company operates.

The focus on the city will be a "site in the site" where you'll discover the city of Fabriano, a city that deserves a visit, with its beautiful art works already pictured in Airforce's catalogue from 2010, a city which, thanks to the medieval city plan, summarizes the historical development of most villages in Europe, a particular configuration of the old town proper of any medieval town.

A way to study the city where art and creativity have centuries of history, a unique industrial business culture opening tomorrow's horizon...

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