Integra is an innovative range of products that combines the functions of a kitchen hood with the functions of an induction hob. Integra has been conceived and developed to obtain the perfect symbiosis in design, ergonomics and in the functionality of the two elements, operated by a single touch control. Integra is made up of two fundamental elements: the kitchen hood and an innovative high-efficiency induction hob. Both products are developed and made by Airforce, with the cooperation, for the hobs, of very experienced and professional people and with the exclusive use of components of the German company E.G.O. The hob integrates the touch controls of both products and it allows to control all the different functions. The main purposes of this project are functionality, easy use and design. The hood can be chosen from a selection of Airforce products, available in wall, island and ceiling version, all combinable with the different Airforce induction hobs. The hobs are available in various sizes and layouts to meet every need. Added to this is the exclusive Integra Downdraft version, based on the innovative Axial suction technology, patented by Airforce. All of this has allowed the perfect symbiosis of the two integrated products.