Airforce Vertical Theorem 89cm Wall Mounted Cooker Hood-Black glass
Airforce Vertical Theorem 89cm Wall Mounted Cooker Hood-Black glass Lighting Image
Airforce Vertical Theorem 89cm Wall Mounted Cooker Hood-Black glass Technical Image
Airforce Vertical Theorem 89cm Wall Mounted Cooker Hood-Black glass Energy Efficiency

Airforce Vertical Theorem 89cm Wall Mounted Cooker Hood-Black glass

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"The Theorem itself is an absolute design marvel, packed full of unique and useful functions from its 'triple aspiration' - extracting from the bottom, the sides of the unit and from behind its vertical glass panel - to being a great addition to your kitchen for ambient mood lighting, being our only back-lit wall hood on top of having the led spotlights located on the bottom.

If a stylish, ergonomic and functional unit with several practical design applications is what you're looking for then the theorem is for you"



  • Max air flow: 680 m3/h
  • IEC air flow: 670 m3/h
  • Electronic with 4 speeds (3+1 intensive)
  • Double control for the cooktop and decorative light
  • Grease and charcoal filter control, Timer
  • 2x2,1W Led + 2x5W Led bar
  • Noise Level: 50/60 dB(A)
  • Size: 89 cm
  • Finish: Stainless steel with black satin glass.
  • Filters: Washable stainless steel grease filters. Charcoal filters for recirculation mode (optional).
2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty (6 Months Commercial)


    Washable Grease Filters

    Washable grease filters gold iconOur filters can be washed, keeping their performance constant over time. (Dishwasher safe)


    Filter Change

    Filter change gold iconThe indicator of saturation of the grease filters and of the active charcoal filters alerts the user of the need to clean or replace them, allowing to keep the exhaustion at excellent levels.


    Double Air Outlet

    Double Air Outlet gold icon These models are equipped with a 90° rotatable motor, that allows to place the air outlet either on the top or the back side of the hood.


    Perimeter Aspiration

    Perimeter Aspiration gold iconThe hoods equipped with this feature have filtering surface positioned perimetrically. This system improves aesthetics, reduces noise and simplifies cleaning.


    Energy saving

    Energy Saving gold iconThanks to technologies that Airforce has developed especially for our engines and lighting systems these hoods have high performances and very low energy consumption.



    Backlit gold iconIn addition to the classical illumination of the cooktop, these hoods are equipped with an additional light system, designed to illuminate the surrounding environment in a soft way.



    LED gold iconThe unique LED lighting developed by Airforce combines very high performance of lighting with the low power consumption: less than 90% compared to a traditional lamp and with a lifetime of over 20,000 hours.


    Stainless Steel Grease Filter

    Stainless Steel Grease Filter gold icon The stainless steel grease filter gives an aesthetic appeal to the hood and a long-lasting and high filtering capacity; it can be washed in the dishwasher for perfect cleaning, maintaining its performance constant in time.


    Automatic Sensor

    Automatic Sensor gold iconWith the Sensor function activated, the extraction speed will set itself automatically depending on the heat coming from the stove and will adjust the exhaustion at optimal levels to avoid waste of energy.


    Double Suction

    Double Suction gold iconThe models with the double air inlet surface have one or more additional grease filters located in the lower part, turned towards the cooking top. This system maximizes the performance of the hood, even at the lower speeds.