Blum Boxfix E-L for LEGRABOX ZMM.0700

Model: 18mm Base & Back
Sale price£225.80


Assembling LEGRABOX made easy.


BOXFIX E-L is your convenient aid when it comes to efficient assembly of LEGRABOX. All LEGRABOX components are assembled seamlessly with great precision. Simplicity and usability make BOXFIX E-L an effective assembly device even in smaller production runs.

The Benefits

• Compatible with all drawer heights (N, M, K, C & F)

• Works with drawer lengths 270 to 650mm

• Minimum and maximum external cabinet widths 250 to 1200mm

• Ideal for use on-site as well as the workshop

Assembly possibilities

• LEGRABOX drawer boxes

What's Included

1 x BOXFIX E-L assembly jig and 1 x drill centre bit

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