Siemens iQ500 Wine Cooler With Glass Door 82 x 60cm KU21WAHG0G


Siemens iQ500 Wine Cooler With Glass Door 82 x 60cm KU21WAHG0G
  • The glassDoor series brings effortless elegance to your kitchen.
  • Oak shelves: unique and premium presentation of your wines.
  • Enjoy your wine at the perfect temperature – with adjustable temperature.
  • Storage space for exceptional wine collections – capacity max. 44 bottles.
  • Two separately controlled temperature zones for optimal wine storage – dual temperature zones.

Enjoy your wine at the perfect temperature: with adjustable temperature.

To enjoy the complex and rich flavours of wine, it’s important to maintain the ideal temperature. With Siemens wine cabinets, you can adjust the temperature of the cabinet using electronic soft-touch buttons for perfect storage and drinking conditions. And if the door isn’t shut properly and there’s a change in temperature, an alarm will remind you to take a look. 

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Storage space for exceptional wine collections: capacity max. 44 bottles.

Ideal wine storage is important to every wine connoisseur. Wine cabinets with a storage capacity for a maximum of 44 bottles are the perfect solution for exceptional wine collections. They offer two separate temperature zones – one with three and the other with two shelves.

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Two separately controlled temperature zones for optimal wine storage: dual temperature zones.

With dual temperature zones, your favourite wines are stored at the perfect temperature. Each temperature zone can be set anywhere from 5° Celsius to 20° Celsius, allowing you to store different wines at their optimal serving temperature. The ideal solution for wine connoisseurs.

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Elegant and premium presentation of your wines: oak shelves with metal.

Just as wines mature in oak barrels, your wine bottles are stored in authentic oak shelves. With their elegant metal, the shelves are a true visual highlight that beautifully showcase your wine collection.

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Exclusive presentation of your wine collection: oak shelves with telescopic rails.

Exquisite wines deserve a unique presentation. Shelves made of high-quality oak serve as the perfect stage for your wine collection. Thanks to telescopic rails, you can safely load and unload the wine bottles and elegantly present them to your guests.

Elegant protection for valuable wines: glass door with UV protection.

Direct sunlight can affect the colour, taste, and structure of your wine. That’s why the wine cabinet has a UV light-impermeable glass door that safely protects your valuable wines from sunlight and maintains their exquisite quality. The classic design of the glass door also guarantees a perfect match with all kitchen appliances.

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Product Specifications

Optical and acoustical door open warning system
Interior ventilator
Automatic defrost in fridge section
Ventilation in plinth, the plinth size can be varied
Door aperture angle 115°
Variable plinth adaption
Right hinged door, door reversible
Niche Dimensions: 82 cm H x 60 cm W x 56 cm D
Dimensions: 81.8 cm H x 59.8 cm W x 58.1 cm D
Based on the results of the standard 24-hour test. Actual consumption depends on usage/position of the appliance.
This appliance is intendend to be used exclusively for the storage of wine
Total Volume : 120 l
Net Fridge Volume : 120 l
Net Freezer Volume : 0 l
Annual Energy Consumption: 130 kWh/a
Climate Class: SN-ST
Noise Level : 38 dB , EU19_Noise emission class_D: C

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