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NEFF N90 Built-In Oven With Steam Function 60cm Graphite-Grey B64VT73G0B

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NEFF N90 Built-In Oven With Steam Function 60cm Graphite-Grey B64VT73G0B

Built-in oven Vario Steam with Slide & Hide® - an easy to handle door that gently disappears under the oven. Multipoint Meatprobe with forecast function. Home Connect - control your oven via the App.

  • Premium 6,8’’ Full Touch TFT Display - Easy to use and intuitive interface for maximum comfort and control.
  • Slide & Hide® - An easy to handle door that disappears under the oven for unrestricted access.
  • Vario Steam - For food that's moist on the inside and crisp on the outside.
  • Steam Boost - Fill your oven with steam quickly for ultimate flavour and texture.
  • Circo Therm® - our smart hot-air solution for simultaneous baking and roasting on up to four levels



Simple. Easy. Premium.

Bring premium quality to every aspect of your cooking experience! Our full-colour, extra-large Premium 6,8’’ Full Touch TFT Display is high-contrast and high-resolution, making it even easier to read and navigate. Explore the extensive menu, set the time, adjust the temperature, and change from bake to broil by simply swiping and tapping the user-friendly and quick-response surface.


The only oven with a disappearing door.

It's not magic, it's Slide & Hide®, the disappearing oven door. Designed for a perfect fit under the oven, the door slides away smoothly so you can taste and baste with ease. Say goodbye to the days of awkward bending as you get up close and personal to season and stir your favourite dishes. And Slide & Hide®'s reappearing act is just as impressive. Simply pull up the rotating handle in any position to guide the door back into place.



Balanced steam for a variety of dishes.

Dried out roasts and soggy bread no more! With Vario Steam, finding that elusive balance between crisp and tender is as easy as pressing a button. Ducts in the back plate release steam into the oven quickly and evenly, adding just the amount of moisture your loaf of bread or braised veal need for a crunchy crust and succulent slice. Automatic programmes with varying levels of intensity offer convenience, while manual operation lets you add a blast of steam on demand.



Ready to steam when you are.

Cooking with steam isn't just cooking with steam. Its temperature, volume, and the precise moment it hits your food all play in important role in flavour and texture. With Steam Boost you can control when to quickly fill your oven with steam, ideal for tender bread with a crispy crust or a juicy Sunday roast.



Prepare up to four different dishes in one go

Concoct a full-course dinner - on up to four levels – in one go. With Circo Therm®, you can bake your casserole, Cajun chicken, and more all at the same time. The high-speed targeted airflow ensures that your dishes stay juicy and distinct, so that the casserole stays casserol-y and the chickens Cajun-y. For a fast and easy family feast.



Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning with Easy Clean: The combined cleaning powers of heat and water

After the Sunday roast comes the cleaning. have Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning, then scrubbing the oven becomes a thing of the past. Turn on the function and let it transform all the spatterings and drippings into ash. When the oven has cooled, wipe off the rest and presto, your oven is spick and span again. Easy Clean comes in handy as a quick way to clean your oven interior in between. Just add some water and a drop of liquid detergent, activate the Easy Clean programme and wipe off the softened food remains afterwards.



You host. We roast.

We'll take care of roasting so you can take care of hosting. Prepare your meat, poultry or fish as you like and let your oven and the Multipoint Meatprobe guide you to mouthwateringly juicy, tender results every time. Three measuring points inside the oven keep tabs on your food, switching off your oven when the desired level of doneness has been reached, and artificial intelligence even lets you know when your meal will be ready! Simply connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account and select Meatprobe Assistant in the Home Connect App to experience fine roasting made easy. What more could a host ask for?



The oven door that's quiet, even when you're not!

With pots and pans banging around, sometimes a little less noise in the kitchen is more than welcome. Slide & Hide® with Soft Open & Close prevents unwanted racket by cushioning excess force thanks to a self-regulating damping system. The oven door not only closes, but also opens gently and quietly no matter how much of a rush you're in.



Your favourite settings ready at an instant.

Set the temperature once and for all with Favourites. Saving heating-modes as well as automatic programmes means you can get the oven ready for your favourite dish at the push of a button. And not only can settings be saved and managed directly on the appliance, but also on the Home Connect App! To enjoy Favourites, simply connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.



Press start and the rest is taken care of!

Thanks to Automatic Meal Settings, wondering whether or not your dish is fully cooked is no longer part of the recipe! Temperature, heating method and cooking time are all preset, guaranteeing delicious results at the push of a button. For a springy sponge cake that's hassle free and a Sunday roast that doesn't need to be checked twice. To enjoy Automatic Meal Settings and discover readily available recipes as well as download additional programmes in the future, simply connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.



Ovens with smart connectivity make life easier.

Want to unlock your oven's full potential? Simply connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account ( and begin controlling it via the Home Connect App - however you want, whenever you want, wherever you want! Take advantage of exciting offers from our numerous ecosystem partners, discover inspiring recipes, and stay up to date on your oven's status. You can also personalize your experience according to your preferences and be certain your oven is performing at its best. To enjoy all the benefits of Home Connect, simply connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.



Cooking with Alexa.

Setting the oven has never been easier. Decide which dish you want to cook and tell your voice activated Oven Assistant via your Amazon Alexa device or the Home Connect App. The suitable settings or automatic programme are then sent straight to your oven so you can get started with cooking right away. The Oven Assistant can even suggest temperature and baking time when you're cooking without a recipe. To enjoy the Oven Assistant, simply connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.



Your voice can now command the kitchen!

Set your oven's temperature with a simple command! Thanks to partnering with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can use a variety of voice commands in the kitchen. Connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account and enable the Home Connect service in your preferred client's respective app to link your appliance and let the cooking via Voice Control begin!



Delicious recipes and settings at your fingertips.

Wouldn't it be great to try out a new recipe without having to spend so much time double checking temperatures and settings? With the Recipe World of Home Connect, you can do just that! Browse inspiring recipes and select the delicious dish of your choice. You can then send the suggested settings to your oven so you can get straight to cooking. To enjoy the recipe world of Home Connect for your oven, simply connect to your registered Home Connect account.



Check your roast from right where you are.

Get the most from your oven with Remote Monitoring and Control! Once linked to your Home Connect App, you can control your appliance from anywhere, like adjusting temperature according to your preferences, either directly in the App or via Voice Control when connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Software downloads keep your oven up to date, settings are synced automatically, and push notifications let you know when the programme is finished and your meal is ready! To enjoy Remote Monitoring and Control, simply connect your oven with your registered Home Connect account.


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