Island cooker hoods are ventilation systems designed to be installed above your cooking surface. 

Here at Devine Distribution, we are the sole importer in the UK of Airforce’s renowned collection of cooker hoods and induction hobs, a brilliant choice for any keen chef. We’re always happy to talk you through the benefits of installing this feature in your kitchen. 

Fitted above an island or peninsula, this type of cooker hood offers several advantages including:

  • Improving the air quality in your room. Because they are designed to remove smoke, steam, and other airborne particles, an island cooker hood not only improves the air quality but reduces the amount of grease and odours that build up over time.
  • Making your kitchen more energy efficient. Many island cooker hoods have LED lighting and variable speed fans which lower your energy consumption levels. 
  • Attractiveness. This style of hood is particularly aesthetically pleasing and contemporary looking. 
  • An island cooker hood can increase the safety of your room. Cooking usually generates heat, smoke, and fumes, which can be dangerous if they are not properly ventilated. Our island cooker hoods will help to remove such vapours from the air, making your environment safer for creating all kinds of dishes.
  • Many hoods provide illumination, therefore giving you better lighting. Many island cooker hoods feature built-in lighting, which can provide additional illumination over your cooking surface, making it easier to see what you are doing whilst you cook.

Our island cooker hoods are highly stylish and attractive with a range of finishes available. We make it easy to find a model that complements your interior design scheme and enhances the look of your space. 

Devine Distribution also has ceiling, wall mounted and built-in hood available. 

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