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Airforce has gained the TÜV certification 30 May 2011

Since 2008 Airforce has gained the TÜV certification.This certification recognizes the conformity of the Quality Management System to the international standards.The inspection this year once again achieved the full conformity without detecting defaults in the productive and safety processes. Pls. find the TÜV certification below| PDF TÜV certification |

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Sixtysix maples and elms dedicated to the victims of Nassirya 17 Apr 2011

Sixtysix maples and elms will decorate the road dedicated to the military victims of Nassirya.33 trees for 2011 and 33 for 2010 is the donation that Airforce has decided to make to the Municipality of Fabriano as urban decoration. Airforce is sponsoring many cultural and social initiatives since long time and the alderman of the Environment has thanked the owner of Airforce Mr. Urbano Urbani for his contribution to improve the public areas. In this case a new area of Fabriano where a lot of people live. Read or Download the PDF version of the articles | L’Azione | Il Resto del Carlino |

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Airforce research on the scientific magazine Journal of Cleaner Production 22 Mar 2011

Research, innovation and energy saving in life cycle cooker hoods produced by Airforce in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Marche. The first results have been published by the scientific magazine Journal of Cleaner Production.Images are the abstract of the magazine and the researchers that have worked on it. Read or Download the PDF Version of the articles | Abstract | Autors |

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The ZOW 2011 Press review 22 Feb 2011

Following are some articles published by the local and national press after the conference following the ZOW 2011.This exhibition has confirmed the will of Airforce to focus on the web to enhance its image. Read or Download the PDF Version of the articles | Corriere Adriatico | Il Resto del Carlino | Il Messaggero |

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